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What to Expect from your In-Home EEG

After seeing your Doctor

Once Nexus receives your referral and paperwork from your physician we will contact the insurance company to ensure an authorization is not required. If so, it may delay scheduling by 7-14 days.   

Expect a phone call

Once approved/authorized your local EEG Technician will contact you to go over all of the details of your test. They will describe how to prepare for the test beforehand and what to expect. 

Day of Appointment

Before the technicians arrival please wash your head to remove any hairspray or styling product. Make sure any pets are in a secure area so they will not interfere with the setup process. If possible please wear a button-up or zip-up shirt to avoid pulling off any of the leads. 

During the study

It is very important to stay in view of the camera at all times. In the event a seizure does take place it is crucial for your doctor to see the episode. 


It is equally important to keep a patient diary. If a push-button event is triggered the doctor must know what type of symptoms you are feeling at the time of the event. The more details you can provide about what you are feeling the better. 

Reviewing your results

Once the technician returns to remove the leads and equipment your study data will be sent to the doctors office to review. After reviewing the data, your doctor will be able to review the results of the test with you directly. 

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