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Brain Scans

Nexus Diagnostic Services

Physician Software Overview

In-Home Video Ambulatory EEGs

In-Office Routine EEGs

EEG Technicians will set-up patients in their home for long-term EEGs. Nexus will also perform Routine EEGs in a Physicians office.

Intermittent & Continuously

monitored EEGs

EEG Technicians will remotely monitor the quality of EEG data being captured throughout the study.  

In-Home EEG Service Details

Web-based Interpreting software

Neurologists will be able to interpret their patients EEGs remotely without the need to install any software.

Daily Reporting &

Non-destructive pruning

24 Hour Daily Reporting options available, as well as Pruned/Clipped Reports. 

Ambulatory EEG Equipment

Video  -  Audio   -   Intermittently monitored   -   7 Day Study Capabilities 


The Video-Ambulatory EEG units are portable and are able to be easily moved by patients if needed. 

Our equipment is capable of continuously capturing EEG data for up to 7 Days.

The Video component is moveable and adjustable to capture large areas of any room or space. 

In Home EEG
Software Anch
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